Punjab pension fund is an investment arm of the Government of Punjab. It manages pension and provident funds investment to generate a market based return. The objective of creating these funds is to cater to future pension and provident fund liabilities and to safeguard assets of these funds.
Working with the aim to achieve 100% funded status and to make pension expenditure off-budget.
To be the best public sector fund management and investment advisory organization of the country.
Where to submit Life Certificate Form?
You can submit Life Certificate Form to your concern bank branch, from where you withdraw your pension.
Do you give pension to pensioners?
No, We do not give pension to pensioners. We assists to customers to getting pension.
What is function of your organization?
Our organization do investment of pension amount to generate revenue.
What do you do with pension cases?
We attach forwarding letter after investigating the documents in pension case of personnel.
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