Chairman's Message

Punjab Pension Fund (PPF) has been given the task of spurring investment in the province and is leading Government's efforts.
Punjab’s most prized asset is the Human Capital of about 93 million. Already rich in resource, Punjab has great potential to become a World leader in food production and processing, based on the availability of arable land and the best canal irrigation system in the World. Punjab possesses 235 million tons of coal reserves and has World’s largest deposit of rock salt. This region is also among the top ten World contributors to citrus, milk, cotton, meat produce, rice, wheat and mango pulp production. Punjab holds the capacity to be the leading producer of these products and provides studies to support and nurture opportunities for new investments that yield high returns.

As evident from above, there is a huge business potential in Punjab and PPF has an excellent team of experts from the private sector as well as the government interface who can guide you at every step of the way with the challenge to reduce your time to access the market. As a member of World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) and being created by the Government of Punjab, PPF has useful connections within and outside the Government.


Finance Minister

Government of the Punjab